Stormwater Management For Residents

Summit County may be able to assist with certain water quantity and quality issues. See below for the various stormwater management plans, manuals, and programs in Summit County.

Watershed Boundaries

Drainage - On Roadway or Off Roadway?

In order to find out who or what agency is responsible for drainage improvements, the location is very important. Drainage ditches within roadway easements can be maintained by the County or townships. Any flooding outside of the road right-of-way is most often, though not always, the responsiblility of the private property owner. We discuss this in more detail on our Drainage Ditches page. Residents living in assessed subdivisions in townships or whose community is in the Surface Water Management District may have more options for addressing storm water issues. 

Surface Water Management District - Chapter 942

The Summit County Surface Water Management District is available to all nine townships, one city, and on village in Summit County. There are no charges currently for the participating communities, however fees will be enacted in 2025. Please see more about this potential option for your community here.

Post Construction Storm Water Quality - Chapter 943

Summit County adopted Chapter 943 of the Summit County Codfied Ordinances in order to regulate post-construction stormwater quantity and quality issues. The Summit Soil and Water Conservation District has review and inspection authority to ensure that new developments do not adversely affect their neighbors. Summit Soil and Water also has jurisdiction over erosion and sediment control during the construction phase. Learn more about Summit Soil and Water's Stormwater Pollution Preventation Plan here. Find out more about Sumit Soil and Water Conservation District from their social media pages: 





Pre-Construction Stormwater Management Review

Developers of subdivision and commercial properties must follow the Summit County Stormwater Management Manual in order to get approval to construct any new developments. The Summit County Engineer is responsible for the review of all major land development proposals located in Summit County's townships.