Reporting a Damaged Mailbox


Call our Public Service Department at 330-643-2860 to report a damaged mailbox. 

Mailboxes are a road obstruction within the County road rights-of-way that may represent a hazard to the traveling public, as defined in Ohio Revised Code Sections 5547.03, 5547.04; Manufacturer’s Natl. Bank of Detroit v. Erie Cty. Road Comm. (1992), 63 Ohio St. 3d 318.

The following policy governs the type and installation of mailbox units and mailbox supports within the road rights-of-way of all county roads within Summit County.

Policy: All mailbox units shall comply with United States Postal Regulations as well as guidelines set forth by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) as follows:


Mailbox:  Shall be of an approved U.S. Postal Service design. The Mailbox unit shall be entirely of plastic and/or lightweight galvanized steel construction. Decorative enhancements that increase the weight or mass of the mailbox are not permitted.

Post:  Maximum single 4” X 4” square or 4 ½” diameter wood post or a metal post with a strength no greater than a 2” diameter standard  strength steel pipe.

Hardware:  Plates, screws, bolts, etc., shall be commercial grade galvanized steel.

Setting Posts:  Posts shall be set in compacted earth or driven into the  ground at a depth not to exceed 24 inches. In no case should the post be encased in concrete or be permanently affixed in any manner.

Mounting Boxes:  Support hardware shall accommodate either a single or a double mailbox installation. No more than two boxes shall be mounted on a single post. The door of the mailbox shall be placed a minimum of 4 inches outside the shoulder portion of the roadway. When a mailbox is installed in the vicinity of existing guardrail, it shall be placed behind the guardrail unless otherwise approved by the Summit County Engineer.

Damage:  Mailboxes damaged by County maintenance operations will be repaired or replaced by the County. Mailboxes damaged by  direct contact with a vehicle or its plow blade while performing County maintenance operations will be repaired or replaced with an approved design as previously described.In the event that the mailbox is of a specialty or exotic type of construction, the County’s liability per occurrence is limited to the actual cost of a mailbox unit of an approved design as set out above {or a cash settlement not to exceed $50.00}. An inspection of the damaged mailbox by the Summit County Engineer’s office along with a signed release form is required prior to installation or payment.

Damage claims and settlements are subject to review by the Director of Public Services and/or the Summit County Engineer.