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Responsibilities of the Summit County Engineer's Office

The Summit County Engineer's Office is dedicated to providing the best service to Summit County and its citizens. We maintain nearly 200 miles of county roads and almost 300 bridges throughout Summit County. Our office also partners with other communities to help serve the over 542,000 people in this county.



  1. Design, construction, inspection, and maintenance of county highways, bridges, and dedicated ditches.
  2. Installation, inspection, and maintenance of traffic safety equipment, signs, traffic control devices, and pavement markings on county highways and bridges.
  3. Snow and ice removal on county highways and in other communities by agreement.
  4. Engineering design and other services to Summit County's townships.
  5. Provision of permits for construction, special hauling, and drive culverts within the county highway right-of-way.
  6. Administering the Summit County Surface Water Management District.
  7. Intermodal and regional transportation planning.
  8. Coordination of local efforts to procure state and federal funding for infrastructure improvements.
  9. Surveys for county property and improvements and for townships by agreement.
  10. Information and support services for a county wide Geographic Information System (GIS).