How to get to the Canalway

Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway

The Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway follows a route near the historic Ohio and Erie Canal from New Philadelphia in Tuscarawas County, through Stark and Summit Counties to Cleveland in Cuyahoga County. The Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway was designated a National Byway in 2000.

Visitors to the Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway benefit from the production and distribution of the Canalway Map & Guide (available here). The map is distributed through a variety of outlets and showcases the three major transportation options available to explore this 110-mile linear heritage greenway. The three travel routes for the Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway include driving the Byway route, hiking along the Towpath Trail, and riding the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. The map includes information on more than 75 attractions. Visitors can use the map to locate interesting landscapes, trailheads, train platforms, unique shopping districts, museums, and events. In addition to the printed map, a dedicated website provides additional information, photos, and a detailed up-to-the-minute schedule of free history hikes, bike rides, running races and ethnic festivals.

During 2001, the Scenic Byway Taskforce worked with local communities and government agencies to develop and design route markers for the Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway. These unique markers are displayed along the 110-mile Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway.

The route of the Ohio & Erie National Heritage Canalway is along the following roads, from south to north, beginning at US Route 250:

How to get to the Canal:

In Cuyahoga County: In Stark County: In Summit County: In Tuscarawas County:
  1. Canal Road
  2. East 49th Street
  3. Washington Park Road
  4. Independence Road
  5. Broadway Avenue
  6. Eagle Avenue
  7. Carter Road
  8. Canal Road
  9. Center Street
  10. Washington Avenue
  11. West 25th Street
  12. Pearl Road
  13. Broadview Road
  14. West Schaaf Road
  15. Granger Road
  16. Warner Road
  1. State Route 212
  2. Riverland Avenue
  3. Hudson Drive
  4. Canal Street (Navarre)
  5. Wooster Street/Elton Street
  6. Carmont Avenue/17th Street (Massillon)
  7. Tremont Avenue/State Route 241
  8. Erie Avenue
  9. Canal Street (Canal Fulton)
  10. Market Street
  11. High Street
  12. Walnut Street
  13. Erie Avenue
  1. Cleveland-Massillon Road
  2. Fulton Street
  3. Van Buren Road
  4. Robinson Avenue
  5. Manchester Road/State Route 93
  6. Kenmore Boulevard
  7. Lakeshore Boulevard
  8. Dart Avenue
  9. Thornton Street
  10. High Street/Broadway (Akron)
  11. Bartges Street
  12. Main Street
  13. Howard Street
  14. Cuyahoga Street
  15. Memorial Parkway
  16. Merriman Road
  17. Riverview Road
  18. Chippewa Road/State Route 82
  19. Chaffee Road
  20. Valley View Road
  1. State Route 211
  2. State Route 800
  3. Canal Road
  4. Dover-Zoar Road
  5. Towpath Road
  6. Fort Lauren Road
  7. State Route 212

Would you like to get a Canalway map?

Contact the Ohio and Erie Canalway Coalition at (330) 434-5657, or visit their web site for more information.