Services for Cities & Townships

Check out some of the options below to see if we can be of service to your community. If you have any questions about whether or not we can provide a service, give us a call at 330-643-2860.


The County Engineer acts as the Engineer for each of Summit County's townships. The Engineer's office has assigned each township a dedicated County Engineer's office employee, who attends township meetings and is available to answer any questions the township may have. This is a valuable way to keep the lines of communication open and ensure the Engineer's office is aware of infrastructure issues in each township. Townships needing engineering services can fill out the request online here. Please review the Township Services Policy before making the request.



The Summit County Engineer's office and the Summit County Executive's office have developed a local grant program intended to help communities pay for road projects that directly promote economic development in the region. Find out more here.

The County is also responsible for disbursing cities' and villages' permissive license fee allocation. The Permissive License Fee Allocation Form is online and can be found at the bottom of this page.

Regional Pavement Maintenance Program

The Summit County Engineer’s office bid process was opened up to all communities in Summit County in 2011.  The idea behind the collaboration is that the larger purchasing power created by bidding for pavement maintenance items as one unit will lead to a smaller per unit costs for all participants, while the municipalities still maintain local control over the projects. The Summit County Engineer’s office administers the County-wide program. This saves communities' money and a considerable amount of staff time. The regional road programs include bidding a contract for each service: hot mix resurfacing, 405 motor paving, 422 chip and seal, asphalt rejuvenation, crack sealing, guardrail replacement, culvert replacement, concrete road repair, and catch basin repair. To find out more about the program, contact the Construction Section Manager at 330-643-8559.

NPDES Permit Holder and Coordinator

The Summit County Engineer's office is the administrator and coordinator for most cities and all townships National Pollutant Discharge Detection and Elimination System permit. Each community is required by the Ohio EPA to hold a permit governing illicit discharge and stormwater management practices. The County holds the permit and each community involved is a "co-permittee". Communities should be aware that the Ohio EPA is asking for several changes in the coming years in order to fulfill the NPDES permit. We have been working with Summit County Public Health, the Executive's office, and the Ohio EPA to come up with a suitable plan of action. Summit County Health Department and our office will be reaching out to the communities soon regarding the proposed changes, such as GIS mapping requirements and Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination ordinance changes. For any questions about the NPDES permit or the MS4 Countywide Storm Water Management Plan, call 330-643-8733.

Surface Water Management District

The Summit County Surface Water Management District (SWMD) is an opt-in stormwater improvement program that functions as a utility. The program is available to any community in Summit County. The SWMD was created in 2017 in order to aide local communities in their efforts to address stormwater problems. Bath Township joined the district in 2018. Get more information on our Surface Water Management District page.