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Permit forms are available for roadway openings and special hauling. Forms will need to be downloaded and filled out. Hard copies can be mailed to Summit County Engineer, Attn: Permits Coordinator, 538 East South Street, Akron, OH 44311 or emailed to If you have any questions you can email or call 330-643-8711. 

Roadway Opening Permit

Residents, utility companies, or contractors wishing to work within Summit County owned right-of-way will need to complete the below form in order to be issued a permit. 

Special Hauling Permit

A special hauling permit is needed before any overweight or oversized vehicle may use Summit County owned roads and bridges. 

Stormwater Grading Permit

Development that will disturb more than one acre of land and located within the Surface Water Management District service area will need to apply for a Grading Permit. The permit is linked below.