Services for Developers

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Summit County Traffic Access Management Manual (TAMM)

This is a manual of regulations for the management of access (driveways and parking lots) onto county and township roads in the unincorporated areas of the county. A committee of transportation professionals and elected officials reviewed and edited the manual to incorporate current, best engineering practices to the TAMM. In addition, the Summit County Engineer's Office held three public meetings around the county to get input from township officials, technical staff, local advocacy groups, local residents, and business owners. Summit County Council also held two public hearings before enacting the manual. 

State and national studies have shown a direct correlation between traffic crashes and the number of driveways along a corridor, which is why the county developed the TAMM. The TAMM provides a better plan for the utilization of our roads to ensure they will be safe and efficient for years to come. The manual includes best practices for design and safety, based on successful models from across the country and Ohio, and is tailored to fit the unique characteristics of Summit County. 

You can find a copy of the adopted TAMM below. 

Stormwater Management Manual and Grading Permit

The below manual provides the standards and guidelines for permitting land development throughout the County while reducing the damaging effects of accelerated stormwater run off, soil erosion, and sedimentation. These standards and guidelines apply to all non-farm, earth-disturbing activities performed within the unincorporated areas of Summit County for the purpose of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residental land uses. 

For Ohio's Standards for Stormwater Management, Land Development, and Urban Stream Protection, please visit the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's webpage. 

Development that will disturb more than one acre of land and located within the Surface Water Management District service area will need to apply for a Grading Permit. The permit is linked below. 

Subdivision Regulations and New Home Construction

Summit County's Planning and GIS Department and the Summit County Planning Commission ensure that all new subdivisions follow the Summit County Subdivision Regulations. For any questions regarding the Planning Commission's meetings or approvals, please visit the Summit County Planning and GIS webpage or call 330-643-2551. If you have specific questions regarding roads or drainage facilities in a proposed subdivision, you may email or call 330-643-8491.

If you are building new homes in a Summit County township, please view the New Home Construction Checklist below. This checklist form must be submitted with site plans submitted to the County Engineer's Office. 

Summit County Soil and Water Conservation District

The Soil and Water Conservation District is granted authority under the Summit County Codified Ordinances to oversee the Riparian Setback Ordinance, Post Construction Storm Water Quality, and review Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans. Please see their Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan webpage or call 330-929-2871 for more information.

Developers can also connect with SSWCD on their many social media pages: 





Conveyance Standards

Conveyance Standards are the standards used for the approval of plats and legal descriptions used in real property transactions in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 319.203.

It is the purpose of these standards to provide developers, surveyors, and citizens with a comprehensive set of guidelines for the purpose of preparing and recording conveyances of real property in Summit County and provide a guide to the rules and regulations for the preparation and approval of survey plats and legal descriptions.