Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact about:

Ditch questions/assistance

Please contact the Public Services Department with questions about township roads and highways ditch maintenance by using the Contact Form or call us at (330) 643-2860.

Employment at the Summit County Engineer

The Personnel/Human Resources Section handles all employment opportunities at the Summit County Engineer's Office. You can contact Office Manager for Personnel via the Contact Form or call (330) 643-8062. You can also view all Summit County Job Postings here.

Underground utilities - Is there one number I can call to have them marked?

Yes, you can call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at 1 (800) 362-2764.

Underground mine information

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Mineral Resources Management information line is (614) 265-6633.

Stormwater and Drainage questions

Contact David Koontz, Surface Water Management District engineer and subdivision stormwater engineer, with inquires relating to stormwater management issues. He can be reached at (330) 643-8537 or via the contact form.

A sign that is badly damaged or missing on a County road

Contact the Engineer's Public Services Department with comments concerning signage on County roads via the Contact Form or call (330) 643-2860.

Sanitary sewers in my township

For township sanitary sewer information call the Summit County Department of Sanitary Sewer Services at (330) 926-2435. For other sewer questions in cities or villages, please contact the local municipality.

Road record surveys

Contact Surveying with questions regarding road record surveys at the Engineer's office via the Contact Page or at (330) 643-8560. Records are also available online via the links posted below this section.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and drawings

Contact the Summit County Department of Community and Economic Development Department with any questions and requests regarding GIS.

Floodplain mapping and flood zones

Please contact the Summit County Department of Development - Building Standards (330-630-7280)

Expressway sign, ramp and roadway questions

For questions regarding signs and roadways on state routes, call the Ohio Department of Transportation District 4 office at 1 (800) 603-1054.

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