Proposed : Medina Line Bridge Replacement


Apr 1, 2024

Project Details



Project Schedule

Plan Year:

01-01-2024 - 12-31-2024

This project includes replacement of the existing single span reinforced concrete slab structure carrying Medina Line Road (CR 2) over Mohler Ditch. The structure shall be replaced with a single span reinforced concrete slab with approach slab or 4-side precast box culvert. Work also includes rock channel protection, new embankment and full-depth pavement on/adjacent to structure, erosion protection, pavement marking, and minimal approach roadway work (resurfacing, drainage, guardrail, etc.) necessary to tie-in to existing. It is located just South of Johnson Rd in the City of Norton. 


At this time there are no status updates.
Bridge construction is scheduled for 2024.

Graphical map of project site

Maintenance of Traffic:

To be determined in the design phase. 

Image of Medina Line Over Mohler Ditch POV



To be determined.

Funding Sources:

To be determined.