Construction : Granger Road Bridge (079-0221) Bridge Replacement Project


Jun 4, 2024

Project Details

Project ID:



Bath Township

Project Contacts:

Chuck Hauber, NCM, PE

Design Consultant:


Project Schedule

Plan Year:

04-28-2024 - 10-15-2024

The current bridge was originally built in 1913 and received a new superstructure in 1972. The single span 65 foot long, 24 foot wide bridge will be replaced with a 87 foot long, 32 foot wide, concrete structure for vehicular traffic with wider shoulders. This project will be primarily funded with Local Bridge Program grant money.


Due to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, this project was moved from construction in 2025 to construction in 2024, as well as now being primarily funded with federal dollars.

Kenmore was awarded the bid for this project. 

  • 03/05/2024: Waiting on First Energy to relocate power lines
  • 03/19/2024: First Energy is set to start in April. 
  • 04/09/2024: First energy is in the process of relocating poles. 
  • 04/16/2024: First energy is finishing up relocating poles. 
  • 04/23/2024: First Energy still has one pole to move. Cable company is alos in the process of moving their lines. 
  • 06/04/2024: First Energy pole has been moved and two cable lines need moved
Graphical map of project site

Maintenance of Traffic:

To be determined in the design phase.

Image of Granger 79-0221 Before Photo


Project Development Cost:


Construction Cost:




Funding Sources:

Local Bridge Program Funds: $1,519,700.00