Funding Sources

Funding Sources

Where does funding for County owned roads and bridges come from? Not from property, income, or sales tax and the Summit County Engineer's Office is not reliant on the County's general fund. 

Our funding is acquired through:

Vehicle Registration

Primary funding is from vehicle registration (license plate fees) and gasoline tax. The County Engineer receives a share of the vehicle registration tax revenue based on a formula calculated after amounts are deducted for state highway debt retirement, city roads, and township road improvements.

Gasoline Tax

The Ohio motor fuel tax is 38.5 cents per gallon of unleaded fuel and 47 cents per gallon of diesel fuel. The state gas tax is divided between the state (at about 60%) and local agencies (counties, cities, villages, and townships at about 40%).

Federal and state grants provide most of the funds used for major construction projects on major roads and bridges. The Federal Highway Administration provides funding for the County Engineer’s Association of Ohio’s Local Bridge Program, Eastern Federal Lands Access Program, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality program, Surface Transportation Block Grant funding, Transportation Alternative Set Aside funding, Federal Safety program funds, and many more. The State of Ohio also funds the Ohio Public Works Commission, Local Transportation Improvement Fund, Ohio Bridge Partnership Program, Bridge Credit Program, and the Local Major Bridge Program. Most of these programs will fund up to 80% of the construction costs for a major road or bridge project, with the local government being responsible for design costs, right-of-way costs, and the local share.

Permissive Taxes

Permissive taxes were first allowed in the 1960s. It now accounts for our second largest share of revenue. Our county permissive tax is $20.00. All of the revenue collected under this program is used for improvements within Summit County.

Other Income

Other income sources include interest income on deposits in the County treasury, fines, assessments, fees for services and grants or aid that the Summit County Engineer receives from the state and federal government.