Press Release


Joint Statement on Kungle Road

Aug 1, 2019 - Akron, OH

Akron, OH – Representatives from the Summit County Executive’s office, Summit County Engineer’s office, Summit County Council, and the City of Norton met today to discuss the future of Kungle Road, located in Norton. The County Engineer and the City have been discussing the ownership of the bridge on Kungle Road and responsibility for inspecting and maintaining the bridge.  After the rain event this past weekend, the bridge collapsed requiring the County Engineer and the City to work cooperatively to secure the area and clear the debris and a collapsed culvert pipe.  The city would like to thank Mr. Brubaker for his prompt response to the city’s request for assistance. At today’s meeting, the County and the City agreed that they would work cooperatively and collaboratively with the City of New Franklin to determine the roadway and bridge needs on Kungle Road for the residents of Norton and New Franklin. Everyone will have a seat at the table when evaluating options.

The County thanks Summit County Council member John Schmidt, District 2 and Bethany McKenney, District 7, for attending the meeting.