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Summit County Engineer’s Office Secures Millions in Grants for Infrastructure Development in Summit County

May 15, 2024 - Summit County, OH

Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S. is pleased to announce the receipt of over $21 million in grants funds for nine Summit County infrastructure projects in the last six months. These funds will be used to bolster county, city, and township infrastructure development projects throughout Summit County. This has been the most successful grant period for at least the last 15 years.

The grants, totaling $21,304,836.40, will be allocated to a variety of infrastructure projects that the Summit County Engineer Office has been working on.

Key Projects and funding include:

  • High Level Bridge Design Phase 1 – Akron/Cuyahoga Falls - $5,000,000.00
  • High Level Bridge Design Phase 2 – Akron/Cuyahoga Falls - $4,110,000.00
  • Killian/Pickle Roundabout – Springfield Township - $1,750,000.00
  • Krumroy Road Part 1 – Springfield Township - $640,000.00
  • Krumroy Road Part 2 – Springfield Township - $640,000.00
  • Krumroy Road Part 3 – Springfield Township - $760,000.00
  • S. Main St – Coventry Township - $5,600,000.00
  • Glenwood Drive Bridge – Twinsburg Township - $2,602,160.00
  • Liberty Road South – Twinsburg - $126,000.00
  • Liberty Road North – Twinsburg - $76,676.40

“We are incredibly grateful for the funding that we received over the last six months. Infrastructure is incredibly expensive. The County Engineer’s Office has an annual revenue of approximately $21 million total a year and our capital project needs are in the hundreds of millions of dollars” said Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S. “Without alternative funding like grants, some vital projects couldn’t even get past the planning stage. My goal from day one has been to maximize our minimal dollars with outside funding. Infrastructure is essential to our community and our office is committed to getting these projects done. Unfortunately, not all County roads and bridges qualify for federal funding and we will continue to have to address those with only local dollars available. We will continue to look for ways to bring in more revenue for local infrastructure to address the continuing capital budget gap.”

The Summit County Engineer oversees maintenance for a total of 280 bridges across Summit County. Among these, 148 bridges, accounting for 53%, meet the criteria for federal funding. The remaining 132 bridges, constituting 47% of the total, will necessitate 100% county funding for their upkeep.

The projects outlined above are anticipated to cost an estimated $23.6 million for completion. Thanks to the grants secured by the Summit County Engineer’s Office, which will cover approximately 90% of the project costs, local taxpayers stand to save millions of dollars over the long term.

The Summit County Engineer’s Office would like to thank the many supportive community partners, municipalities, and other local agencies and organizations that continue to collaborate closely with our office to make these grants applications and bids for additional funding success. The Summit County Engineer’s Office would like to particularly thank Senator Sherrod Brown, Congresswoman Emilia Sykes, the Summit County Executive Illene Shapiro and Summit County Council, the City of Akron, and the City of Cuyahoga Falls. 

Residents can keep up to date with our current projects by visiting the Summit County Engineer website at


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