Press Release


Traffic Pattern Change at Cleveland-Massillon and Ghent Intersection

Please Use Caution

Sep 30, 2020 - Bath Township

It is always difficult for long-time users of an intersection to adjust to traffic pattern changes. Please stay alert and watch for the signage and pavement markings to direct you into the proper lane. 

The new intersection design has eliminated a sweeping south bound right turn lane which permitted traffic to pass through the intersection at approximately 35 mph and revised the intersection to create a right turn movement that requires traffic to slow down to make a right turn similar to all other right turns at intersections throughout the county.  The receiving lane is actually one foot wider than most of the county highways and the new curb is at a radius of 50 feet which is significantly larger than the 35-foot curb radii used throughout the county. 

Please note this project is not yet complete. We are still waiting on the delivery of the permanent traffic signal poles, that were ordered over 12 months ago. Once those are installed, the traffic signal heads will be relocated to their permanent location and the traffic signal timing will be re-adjusted to reflect the new signal layout and the signal timing will be coordinated with the Yellow Creek signal.