Press Release


2022 Annual Report

Issued for April 15, 2023

Apr 12, 2023 - Akron

2022 was a busy year for capital projects. Projects delayed by the pandemic in 2020 were built in 2022, making capital spending jump from $8 million to $11.6 million. The capital program will remain pretty active for the next two years because of the influx of bridge funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that has made its way down to the County level. The Summit County Engineer's office has an additional approximately $6.2 million dollars coming in for bridge projects, however, we don't expect capital spending to remain as high as it was in 2021. 

SCE also made great strides in getting the expanded Surface Water Management District up and running. Contracts have been awarded for the study and design of many of the priority projects. We have also finalized our agreement with the Summit Soil and Water Conservation District. They will be overseeing the County's MS4 program which is required by the Ohio EPA. 

Our revenue from the gas tax and license fees remained flat for 2022, however construction engineers were able to get an additional $7.5 million in reimbursements for previous projects, which made revenue look like it increased in 2022. However, those reimbursements are one time payments. 

Please see the 2022 Annual Report below.