Design : SWMD - Wye Road Drainage Improvements


Jul 3, 2023

Project Details


Bath Township

Project Contacts:

Dave Koontz, PE

Design Consultant:

ms consultants, inc

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

11-01-2023 - 12-31-2024

This project will be done in two phases. Phase 1 will modify existing stormwater management basins and install improved storm sewers and swales at two other locations in the Sanctuary of Bath Estates. Phase 2 will add best management practices such as step-pools, cascades, and riffles at four locations along the stream in the ravine at the northern edge of the Sanctuary of Bath Estates. 


Design is for Phase 1 is about 90% complete and design for Phase 2 is 45% complete.


In Bath Township benefitting the Yellow Creek Watershed. 

Image of Wye Road Map


Construction Cost:

Phase 2 - $900,000.00

Funding Sources:

Phase 1 design is funded by Bath Surface Water Management District, Phase 1 construction and Phase 2 will be funded by all American Rescue Plan Act dollars.