Completed : Wright Road Bridge Replacement - Now Open


Nov 13, 2020

Project Details

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Copley Township

Project Contacts:

Dave White, PE, Project Manager

Design Consultant:

ms consultants

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

04-01-2020 - 11-13-2020

This bridge is now open.

Replace Wright Road Bridge over Pigeon Creek (SUM-CR206-1.50).  The work included removal of existing bridge and replacement with a new composite box beam bridge on new foundations.  Additional work included subgrade stabilization, new approach slabs, guardrail and maitenance of traffic.

Estimate $794,335.01

Contract amount: $701,371.70

Completion Date: Week of November 9th, 2020


The bridge is now open. The contractor still has some additional off-roadway and restoration work but the bridge will remain open. 


County Highway 206


On Wright Road approximately 500 feet west of Collier Road in Copley Township.

Graphical map of project site
Image of Wright Road Bridge Beam Setting

Image of One Lane Bridge Sign title=


Project Development Cost:


Construction Cost:


Funding Sources:

80% funded with CEAO Local Bridge Program funds