Construction : Riverview Road over Slipper Run Storm Damage Repair


Jul 1, 2020

Project Details



Project Contacts:

Joe Paradise, PE, PS, Deputy Director of Engineering Services

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

05-29-2020 - 10-30-2020

Construction Starts:

Jul 6, 2020

Construction Finish:

Aug 22, 2020

During a heavy rain storm late Memorial Day afternoon, Monday 5/25, 2.25 inches of rain fell in approximately 40 minutes causing a surge of water in Slipper Run passing under Riverview Road. A tree floating down stream was caught in the culvert type bridge passing under Riverview Road. The blockage caused the stream to rise and forced the upstream end of the culvert to bend upward at an angle of approximately 40 degrees. After bending upward, the culvert tore away from the remaining 1913 constructed stone arch that passes under the roadway. This resulted in a portion of the embankment along the west side of Riverview Road to erode and wash down stream. The resulting damage to the remainder of the culvert is under investigation. The bridge is currently closed. 

Work completed to date includes:

  • Carving a trail to the bottom of the stream to clear the debris from the bridge/culvert opening and thus preventing any more damage to the embankment.  This work was performed by a local contractor.
  • The same local contractor was contacted to provide us a cost estimate to perform the repairs.
  • The repairs will include replacing the damaged section of pipe (a 9’-6” corrugated metal pipe) with a 10’ x 10’ reinforced concrete box approximately 35 feet in length. 
  • We have also asked for a price for the contractor to build the box culvert on site.  That would be quicker but the cost of labor could greatly price the item out of our price range.
  • The embankment that washed away is usually constructed out of compacted soils.  Our contractor needs to find a huge amount of acceptable material to truck into the  site to build the embankment. The contractor suggested a different approach using the large pavement slabs that are being removed from the SR 8 re-construction project and stacking the slabs as a retaining wall to stabilize the slopes to reduce the tendency for future landslides.


SCE is asking Summit County Council to designate the storm damage to the bridge as an Emergency, thereby allowing SCE to enter into any contracts necessary quickly in order to get the bridge and embankment repair and reopened as soon as possible. Kenmore Construction has signed the emergency contract and the County is now processing it for signatures. The project will be on the Board of Control agenda on July 1, 2020 and on the Summit County Council agenda July 13, 2020. We anticipate the contractor needing 60 days to complete the bridge replacement. August 22, 2020 is the tentative completion date. 

SCE has also submitted a pre-application to receive emergency funding from the OPWC Emergency Grant Program. 


On Riverview Road just north of State Route 303 in Peninsula. 

Maintenance of Traffic:

The detour for this closure is State Route 303 west to Stine Road and Stine Road east to Riverview Road.

Image of Riverview Road over Slipper Run Pipe Damage




Funding Sources:

Motor Vehicle and Gas Tax Fund