Design : Ravenna Road Resurfacing Parts I and II


Feb 9, 2021

Project Details

Project ID:

Part 1: 108140


Hudson, Twinsburg Township

Project Contacts:

Chuck Hauber, PE

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

06-01-2023 - 11-01-2023

Ravenna Road Part I goes from Old Mill Road to the City of Twinsburg line. Ravenna Road Part II goes from Old Mill Road south to the Portage County line. The County is partnering with the City of Hudson on Ravenna Road Part II to resurface Ravenna Road within Twinsburg Township and the City of Hudson. Work for both projects includes pavement repairs, resurfacing and adding 4 feet wide shoulders where possible. 


SCE is working to combine the projects' funding years so they can both be sold in Fiscal Year 2023. The projects are in design. 


County Highway 12

Graphical map of project site
Image of Ravenna Resurfacing 1 and 2 project image




Funding Sources:

Funding will come from Federal Surface Transportation Block Grants, the City of Hudson, and Summit County