Construction : 2021 Miscellaneous Bridge and Culvert Repairs


Sep 9, 2022

Project Details


Akron, Cuyahoga Falls, Boston Heights, Copley Township, Coventry Township

Project Contacts:

Neal Miesle, PE 

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

03-15-2022 - 11-30-2022

The bridge maintenance project includes beam repair work on Memorial Parkway over Little Cuyahoga River, Front Street over Cuyahoga River, W. North Street over Ohio Canal, and southbound N. Portage Path over Cuyahoga River.

The culvert maintenace includes paving and reinforced concrete work on Kibler Road over Pigeon Creek, Glenmount Avenue over Hinman Ditch, Portage Lakes Drive over feeder to Long Lake, Knox Blvd Bridge, and Hines Hill Road over Stanford Run.

There will be one contract for the bridge maintenance at an estimated cost of $75,000 and one for the culvert maintenance at an estimated cost of $150,000. 


Workman Industrial, Inc is the low bidder on this project. A change order was processed to add the Knox Blvd Bridge to the Culvert Repair Project. The Culvert Repair Project is now substantially complete. 


Various locations throughout Summit County.

Maintenance of Traffic:

Traffic to be maintained with lane clsoures. 

Image of Misc Beam Repairs




Funding Sources:

Motor Vehicle and Gas Tax Funds