Completed : Intersection Improvement: Cleveland-Massillon Road at Ghent Road - NOW OPEN


Dec 22, 2020

Project Details


Bath Township

Project Contacts:

Dave White, PE, Project Manager

Design Consultant:

The Osborn Engineering Company

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

01-01-2020 - 08-28-2020

This intersection is now open. Please use caution through the intersection, the traffic pattern has changed and there is now a continuous right turn lane from Cleve-Mass Road onto Ghent Road. Additional work will be needed periodically to install the permanent signal poles but the road will remain open. The signal poles have a delivery date of November 9th. This project involved realigning the intersection from a "Y" shaped intersection to the more traditional "T" shaped intersection. The project also includes adding a continuous right turn lane from Cleveland Massillon Road to Ghent Road. 


This project is substantially complete. Additional clean up work will be done in the spring. 

Image of Cleve Mass at Ghent Shop Drawing

Image of Cleve Mass at Ghent Project Image title=


Project Development Cost:


Construction Cost:




Funding Sources:

Transportation Improvement District grant funds, Bath Township, the Embassy Parkway Landowner's Association, and local Summit County Engineer funds.