Construction : Intersection Improvement: Cleveland-Massillon Road at Ghent Road - NOW OPEN


Oct 23, 2020

Project Details


Bath Township

Project Contacts:

Dave White, PE, Project Manager

Design Consultant:

The Osborn Engineering Company

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

01-01-2020 - 08-28-2020

This intersection is now open. Please use caution through the intersection, the traffic pattern has changed and there is now a continuous right turn lane from Cleve-Mass Road onto Ghent Road. Additional work will be needed periodically to install the permanent signal poles but the road will remain open. The signal poles have a delivery date of November 9th. This project involved realigning the intersection from a "Y" shaped intersection to the more traditional "T" shaped intersection. The project also includes adding a continuous right turn lane from Cleveland Massillon Road to Ghent Road. Work began April 13th with an Cleveland Massillon Road road closure date of May 13th. 

Maintenance of Traffic:

This road is now open. 

Image of Cleve Mass at Ghent Shop Drawing

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Project Development Cost:


Construction Cost:




Funding Sources:

Transportation Improvement District grant funds, Bath Township, the Embassy Parkway Landowner's Association, and local Summit County Engineer funds.