Design : Christman Road Bridge over Nimisila Reservoir Bridge Replacement Project


Dec 22, 2020

Project Details

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Project Schedule

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04-01-2023 - 12-17-2023

This project replaces the structurally deficient, load posted, simple span prestressed concrete box beam structure over Nimisila Reservoir with an entire new structure. The City of Green is partnering with the County on this project and the new bridge will include a 12 feet wide multi-purpose walkway to integrate with a planned trail in Green. SCE applied for and received 80% funding, up to $972,000.00 in Local Bridge Replacement Program funds programmed through the County Engineer's Association of Ohio. The City of Green and Summit County Engineer's office will split the local costs. 


SCE has entered into agreements with the Ohio Department of Transportation in order to receive the federal funding and with the City of Green outlining the cost share of the project. Design will begin in 2021. 

Graphical map of project site
Image of Christman Road Bridge Side View

Image of Christman Road Bridge Surface View title=



Estimate: $1,550,000.00

Funding Sources:

CEAO Local Bridge Replacement Program funds, County Motor Vehicle and Gas Tax local funds, and City of Green local funds