Completed : Intersection Improvement: Canton Road at US 224 and State Route 91


Jan 17, 2023

Project Details

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Lakemore, Springfield Township

Project Contacts:

Ohio Department of Transportation, District 4

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

01-01-2019 - 07-30-2022

This $12.2 million dollar safety improvement project is being administerd by the Ohio Department of Transportation. ODOT controls three of four legs of the intersection with Summit County responsible for the southern leg. The project will widen Canton Road/SR 91 to create a northbound dual left turn lane, eastbound right turn lane, proper eastbound left & southbound left storage length at the US-224 intersection. On Canton Road (CR-66) south of US-224, they will construct raised concrete median from US-224 to approximately 150 feet south of the Arcadia and Meadow intersection. Canton Road will be widened for a two way left turn lane south of Arcadia to Springfield Lake Drive and on State Route 91 from Old Home north to Linwood. There will be dedicated U-Turns on Canton Road at Springfield Lake Drive and on State Route 91 at Linwood. The project includes City of Akron waterline replacement within the project limits. Springfield Township and the Village of Lakemore are participating financially in the construction of decorative lighting units and landscaping along the corridor.


Work is substantially complete. Additional signal timing work and clean up of the area may be needed.




United States Route 224, State Route 91, and County Highway 66

Graphical map of project site
Image of Canton Rd at 224 and 91 Street View


Construction Cost:




Funding Sources:

Ohio Department of Transportation, Federal Safety Funds, Federal funds programmed through AMATS, and Local Motor Vehicle and Gas Tax funds.