Design : Boston Mills Road Geotechnical Study


Oct 18, 2019

Project Details

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Boston Township

Project Contacts:

Joe Paradise, PE, Deputy Director for Engineering Services

Design Consultant:

The Mannik and Smith Group

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

01-01-2019 - 12-31-2019

The Department of the Interior has an annual grant program called the Federal Lands Access Program, offering up to approximately $300,000 per project for roads that access national parks. For the last several grant cycles SCE has applied for funding to improve Boston Mills Road, starting at the Riverview Road intersection, to complement the work CVNP is doing to create a centralized visitor’s center for the national park. In the third round of funding SCE applied for funding to complete a geotechnical study of the entire Boston Mills corridor which has at least 7 active landslides. This study will include 25 boring holes with an average depth of each hole 86 feet, numerous and various types of soil sampling and soil testing including laboratory testing for soil strength. A consulting firm will also perform non-destructive seismic testing – sending shock waves in to the hillside to determine the speed the waves travel through the ground giving an approximation of the depth and strength of the underlying geological strata of the hill side. Final product will be an analysis of the depth of the various landslides investigated, a recommendation of how to repair the single most critical slide location plus a cost estimate to repair the seven studied locations using a proration of the worst site. 


Soil boring and seismic testing is complete. The Mannik and Smith Group is now working on analysis and finalizing the report.


County Route 32


Boston Mills Road corridor located in Boston Township

Graphical map of project site
Image of Boston Mills In Place Recycling Photo


Project Development Cost:




Funding Sources:

Total Cost: $344,624.00

Grant funding: $215,824.00

Local Share: $128,800.00