Construction : 2021 Guardrail Replacement Program


Nov 12, 2021

Project Details

Project ID:



Bath Township

Project Contacts:

Tim Boley, PE

Project Schedule

Plan Year:

09-01-2021 - 04-30-2022

This project will replace or upgrade approximately 9,604 feet of guardrail and end treaments on various County roads in Bath Township using Federal Safety Funds. 


The contracts are getting signed. Work may begin in the spring. 


Guardrail will be replaced on various County roads in Bath Township. For specific locations, see the attached "Guardrail Plans and Details" document below. 

Graphical map of project site

Maintenance of Traffic:

The roads will remain open throughout the project. Occasional lane restrictions may be required. Please use caution in Bath Township during construction to keep the workers safe while installing the guardrail. 

Image of Guardrail Photo


Construction Cost:


Funding Sources:

Federal Funds: $300,000

Local Funds: $10,625.00