Public Notice : Peninsula - Riverview Road over Slipper Run Closure

During a heavy rain storm late Memorial Day afternoon, Monday 5/25, 2.25 inches of rain fell in approximately 40 minutes causing a surge of water in Slipper Run passing under Riverview Road.  A tree floating down stream was caught in the culvert type bridge passing under Riverview Road. The blockage caused the stream to rise and forced the upstream end of the culvert to bend upward at an angle of approximately 40 degrees. After bending upward, the culvert tore away from the remaining 1913 constructed stone arch that passes under the roadway. This resulted in a portion of the embankment along the west side of Riverview Road to erode and wash down stream. The resulting damage to the remainder of the culvert is under investigation. The detour for this closure is State Route 303 west to Stine Road and Stine Road east to Riverview Road.

Riverview Bridge damage map