Drainage Reports: Dorwick Ditch and Magdalyn Drive/Oak Tree Drive Ditch

Stormwater Management - Stormwater and Summit County Townships

Please click the links below to see the drainage analysis for Dorwick Ditch and Magdalyn/Oak Tree Ditch.


FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Dorwick Ditch_SCE_dk_071515.doc)Dorwick Ditch Report 2440 Kb
Download this file (Dorwick_Assessments_071415.pdf)Dorwick Ditch Assessment Spreadsheet 57 Kb
Download this file (Magdalyn_Maint_Constr_Assessments.pdf)Magdalyn/Oak Tree Assessment Spreadsheet 35 Kb
Download this file (Magdalyn_Study_SCE_dk_071515.doc)Magdalyn Drive/Oak Tree Drive Ditch Report 3212 Kb