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1-23-14 Regional Surface Water Program Status Report and Updated Draft



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Thursday, January 9th, the Summit County Engineer’s office met with representatives from the Executive’s office, County Council, Summit Soil and Water Conservation District, and townships to discuss the most recent version of the Regional Surface Water Management Program proposal. We are requesting feedback from township officials and expect to have another meeting to address their feedback by February 9th.

After much review and discussion with the Executive’s office and the Prosecutor’s office, the latest edition of the proposed ordinance is complete and posted below.

We are hopeful that after receiving feedback from the communities, the proposed ordinance will be put on County Council’s agenda for deliberation.

Summary of proposed Ordinance 942

The proposed ordinance would include all of the nine townships in Summit County and any city or village that opts into the program.

The proposed ordinance would create a seven-member board made up of County officials and representatives from the communities that will oversee the utility.  In addition to the seven-member board, three non-voting representatives will also sit on the board: MetroParks Serving Summit County, the largest landowner in the county, Summit Soil and Water Conservation District, who oversee pre-construction storm water control, and a representative from the Summit County Health District, the organization responsible for outflow monitoring.

The board will manage the utility, the County Engineer will administer the utility, and the Council and the Executive will approve the budget.

The proposed ordinance would establish an Equivalent Rate Unit (ERU) based on 3,000 square feet of impervious surface.  ALL homes will be charged one ERU.  Commercial property will be charged based on every 3,000 square feet of impervious surface.

Four dollars will be charged for every ERU per month. One dollar of that (25%) will go to member communities for surface water projects, at their direction, through the community cost-share program.   The remaining 3 dollars (75%) will be used for regional surface water projects that affect over 300 acres and administrative costs of the utility.

Community cost sharing money will be available to the local communities based on the rules and regulations to be set by the board.

The utility will be able to coordinate with other counties, municipalities, and water and sewer districts to implement regional projects.

Credits will be available to commercial property owners who take individual actions to control surface water beyond those required by local and/or county development regulations. 

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