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UPDATED: Proposed Steps for Regional Stormwater Program (Advisory Draft)


UPDATED: An informational video by Lorain County Community College has been included below.

As Summit County and all of Northeast Ohio continues to develop, stormwater management will continue to increase in importance. New requirements from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) will continue to increase the burden on local governments to control both the quantity and quality of stormwater. This leaves Summit County in the unenviable position of having to affirmatively address the issues of funding future stormwater management and comply with regulatory mandates.

The County currently funds stormwater management through general fund revenues, special assessments and community imposed user fees. The result is a patchwork approach that, while sufficient in the past, will be unable to adequately address future needs.

In an attempt to address our growing stormwater needs, the County Council and Executive entered into a memorandum of understanding with the County Engineer to develop a plan for managing stormwater. This document is the result of that agreement. This advisory draft includes the recommendations of the Engineer. It is anticipated that this document will be circulated to stakeholders for comments which will be incorporated into a final stormwater management proposal to be approved by County Council through enabling legislation.

The Engineer performed a thorough review of the options available to the county for providing stormwater management. This report recommends that a comprehensive stormwater management program be approved by County Council that provides for initial funding of planning activities and on-going maintenance of a county-wide program. The recommended funding option seeks to utilize the advantage of Summit County’s status as a charter county and the powers associated with that designation. Even as we work to provide more services with lower taxes during these difficult economic times, this recommendation recognizes that additional funding will be necessary to properly address the problem. However, the proposed funding mechanism seeks to maintain accountability to the voters of Summit County and reduce administrative costs to provide a responsive and effective stormwater management solution.

The following video, which illustrates the need for a Countywide Stormwater Management Plan, was created by the Public Services Institute of Lorain County Community College on behalf of the Summit County Engineer.

Please see the attachment below to view the latest draft of the Proposed Steps for the Development and Implementation of a Summit County Regional Stormwater Program Advisory Draft.

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