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Boston Mills Road Improvement Project Announcement


Boston Mills Road Improvement announcement


Boston Township, Ohio– Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S., Summit County Engineer, would like to alert residents and motorists of a road improvement project on Boston Mills Road located in Boston Township. The Summit County Engineer’s Office is taking public comments on the proposed project. Current plans call for the road to be closed for 45 days.

The proposed improvement consists of upgrading approximately 1,200 feet of Boston Mills Road starting at Riverview Road and extending to the west. The project will include milling the existing pavement, widening the paved shoulder, replacing the existing storm sewer, installing curb, making pavement repairs as needed, applying leveling and surface courses of asphalt, and applying new pavement markings.

The Summit County Engineer’s office designed the project in house. Plans, specifications, and cost projections are complete and construction is anticipated to begin next spring.

The official detour for the closure of Boston Mills Road will route traffic along Riverview Road to Columbia Road to Black Road. The detour route will be in effect for 45 days.

Any comments or questions should be submitted to Joe Paradise, P.E., Deputy Director of Engineering Services at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or mailed to the Summit County Engineer, 538 East South Street, Akron Ohio  44311. 

The environmental review, consultation, and other actions required by applicable Federal environmental laws for this project are being, or have been, carried-out by ODOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated December 11, 2015, and executed by FHWA and ODOT.




2016 Summer Roadwork


Summit County Engineer’s Office summer roadwork

Please find the upcoming County projects in your area below:

405 (Motor Paving)

405 Resurfacing Projects:

—  Hametown Road from SR 162 to Ridgewood Road (Bath)

—  Myersville Road from Killian Road to Krumroy Road (Springfield)

—  Pressler Road from Killian Road to Krumroy Road (Springfield)

—  Northampton Road from Akron-Peninsula Road to the Cuyahoga Falls line (Boston)

405 resurfacing is also known as Motor Paving. The contractor uses a stationary plant on-site to prepare the asphalt mixture, places it on the roadway, and compacts the mixture with a roller. 422 is then placed on top of the 405.

405 is less expensive than hot mix asphalt and is used in conjunction with 422 when the roadway crown or edges need to be re-established. A further advantage is that 405 is more flexible than hot mix asphalt and can resist small movements in the road base that would crack hot mix asphalt.

Melway Paving is the contractor for the 405 program. The contract includes Summit County Engineer’s office, Bath Township, Copley, Township, Richfield Township, and the City of Norton. The total contract award is $1,374,477.85. The County portion of the work is $746,457.05.

422 (Chip Seal)

422 Resurfacing Projects:

—  Hametown Road from Bath Road to Everett Road (Bath)

—  Minor Road from SR 21 to Cleveland-Massillon Road (Copley)

—  Pressler Road from City of Green to Killian Road (Springfield)

422 resurfacing is also known as a chip seal.

The contractor places an asphalt emulsion on the roadway, spreads gravel on top of the emulsion, compacts the stone into the emulsion with a roller, and then sweeps the excess gravel from the road the same day. Sweeps are repeated about a week later to ensure loose gravel is completely removed from the roadway.

422 is less expensive than hot mix asphalt, seals existing cracks, and prevents water from causing cracks and potholes in the pavement, and increases tire traction.

Specialized Construction is the contractor on the 422 program. The contract includes the Summit County Engineer’s office, Bath Township, Copley Township, and Coventry Township. The total contract amount is $544,004.60 and the County share of the work is $185,675.00.

Hot Mix Asphalt Summit County Regional Resurfacing Program North

448 North Road:

—  Highland Road from Olde 8 Road to Macedonia line (Northfield Center)

—  Olde 8 Road from SR 82 to SR 8 (OPWC project) (Northfield Center)

—  Brandywine Road from Highland Road to SR 82 (OPWC project) (Sagamore Hills)

—  Sourek Road from Sourek Road Extension to Revere Road (Bath)

448 resurfacing is also known as Hot Mix Asphalt.  The asphalt is prepared in an asphalt plant, transported to the site in heated trucks, placed on the roadway in the desired thickness, and then compacted with a roller.  448 is the most durable (and most expensive) asphalt pavement and resists rutting and can handle heavier traffic loads more than 405 and 422 resurfacing.  It is used in locations that have heavy traffic and a high percentage of truck traffic.

Ronyak Paving is the contractor for this year’s 448 contract in the northern half of Summit County.  This contract includes the Summit County Engineer’s Office, Bath Township, Richfield Village, MetroParks, and Twinsburg Township. The total for the program is $1,914,103.20. The County share is $1,194,791.42 with $700,476.00 coming from State OPWC funds.

Hot Mix Asphalt Summit County Regional Resurfacing Program South

448 South Roads:

—  Mayfair Road from SR 241 to Green line (Springfield)

—  Portage Lakes Drive from Cormany Road to South Turkeyfoot Road (Coventry)

Kenmore Construction is the contractor for this year’s 448 contract in the southern half of Summit County.  This contract includes Summit County, Springfield Township, and Copley Township for a total amount of $891,476.00. The County share is $450,616.50.

Asphalt Rejuvenating – Summit County Regional Program

—  Bath Road from Cleveland Massillon Road to Revere Road (Bath)

—  Crystal Lake Road from Idlebrook Drive to Granger Road (Bath)

—  State Mill Road from SR 93 to Portage Lakes Drive (Coventry)

—  Summit Road from Norton line to Jacoby Road (Copley)

An asphalt rejuvenating agent is applied to hot mix asphalt pavement that was placed one or two years ago.  The agent restores flexibility and water resilience that the asphalt surface lost due to weathering and the passage of time.  Forty-five minutes after the rejuvenating agent is applied, sand is placed over the agent to absorb excess agent and provide enhanced vehicle traction.  One week later, the excess sand will be swept from the road surface.

Pavement Technology, Inc. is the contractor for this year’s Asphalt Rejuvenating This contract includes the Summit County Engineer’s Office, Twinsburg Township, and the City of Akron.

The value of this year’s contract is $114,955.00. The County share is $69,222.00.

Asphalt Crack Sealing Program-Summit County Regional Program

County roads to be crack sealed:

—  Old Mill Road from Twinsburg line to Ravenna Road (Twinsburg Township)

—  Riverview Road from Cuyahoga Falls line to Peninsula line (Boston Township)

—  Riverview Road from Peninsula Line to Cuyahoga County line (Boston Township)

—  Yellow Creek Road from Cleveland-Massillon Road to Yellow Creek Lane (Bath Township)

—  Pickle Road from Green line to Killian Road (Springfield Township)

Crack Sealing is used to close small cracks in hot mix asphalt roads.  This prevents water from entering the pavement and causing potholes or damaging the road base.

The award for this year’s contract went to Aero-Mark, Inc. This project involves the County Engineer, City of Akron, and Twinsburg Township.

The value of this year’s contract is $119,407.37. The County portion is $36,905.00

Pavement Marking Program- Summit County Regional Program

County Roads – Approximately 116 miles of County roads will have new pavement markings applied.

The Pavement Marking Program involves applying new centerline, edge lines, and special markings to roads as required. 

American Roadway Logistics is the contractor for this year’s Pavement Marking Program.  This contract includes the Summit County Engineer’s Office, Copley Township, MetroParks, Sagamore Hills Township, and Twinsburg Township.

The value of this year’s contract is $144,334.65. The County share is $114,749.70.

Arlington Road Improvement Project (Coventry and Springfield Townships)

Road improvements are planned for Arlington Road from City of Green line to Warner Road.  Improvements include upgrading traffic signals, resurfacing, installing a north bound left hand turn lane at Warner Road, constructing sidewalks, relocation of utilities, and upgrading signage and pavement markings.

Karvo Companies is the contractor for this $2,537,296.90 project. The project is 80% funded with Federal Highway Administration grant funds.

Yellow Creek Road Stabilization (Bath Township)

Slope stabilization is necessary between Yellow Creek Road and Yellow Creek just east of Revere Road.  The stabilization system consists of 150 feet of sheet pile wall, drilled shafts, and tie backs across Yellow Creek Road.  The project also includes 200 linear feet of full depth pavement and 251 feet of resurfacing.  Drainage improvements, erosion control, and natural bank stabilization are used to enhance slope stability. 

Lockhart Concrete is the contractor on the $927,100.45 project.

Van Buren Road Bridge over the Tuscarawas (New Franklin)

This project calls for the rehabilitation of the Van Buren Road Bridge over the Tuscarawas River. The Summit County Engineer’s Office applied and received Credit Bridge Program eligibility for this project. The Credit Bridge Program allows counties that are using local funds replacing or rehabilitating bridges on non-Federal aid highways to get credit for those bridge replacements to be used later on a federal aid highway bridge replacement.

The bridge replacement cost is $345,176.00. The contractor is Lockhart Concrete.

Bank Street Bridge over the Little Cuyahoga River (Akron)

This is a bridge rehabilitation project. Work includes replacing the bridge superstructure, repairing existing abutments, removal of an existing pier, and reconstruction of the approach roadway.

Lockhart Concrete is the contractor for this $874,000.00 bridge rehabilitation project. The project is 80% funded with Federal Highway Administration grant funds.

The combined total for all County projects is $7,481,990.02.


Northfield Center Ditch Petition Information


Any information we have regarding the Dorwick Ditch petition will be posted in this space.

The Ohio Revised Code section governing the procedures of the ditch petition process can be found starting here.

ORC 6131 can be found in its entirety here.

SCE has also summarized the ditch petition process here.


2016 Township Dinner Presentations


Click below for presentations delivered at the 2016 Summit County Engineer Township Dinner. 


2016 TIGER Grant Information


Interested citizens and grant reviewers can access the supporting documents below. 

Articles linked to in grant narrative:

Tourism to Cuyahoga Valley National Park creates $203 million in Economic Benefits

Fundraising for new Visitor Center in Cuyahoga Valley has collected $3.8 million

Attracted to the Cuyahoga Valley

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (APPENDIX A-C.pdf)Certifications, maps, and affected areas 766 Kb
Download this file (CBA PDF.pdf)Cost Benefit Analysis 1029 Kb
Download this file (CentralVisitorHandout.pdf)Visitor Center Case Statement 1643 Kb
Download this file (Congressman Joyce Letter of Support.pdf)Additional Letter of Support 598 Kb
Download this file (Copy of CUVA BCA V6.xls)Cost Benefit Analysis Spreadsheet 171 Kb
Download this file (CostEstimates.pdf)Cost Estimates 1219 Kb
Download this file (CUVA Flood Response Plan 031512.pdf)Flood Response Plan 4852 Kb
Download this file (CUVAmap1.pdf)CUVA Map 1112 Kb
Download this file (EnvironmentalAssessment.pdf)Environmental Assessment 2751 Kb
Download this file (Final Meeting Results_March 2016.pdf)Development Advisory Board Project Approval 29 Kb
Download this file (LegislativeAuthorization.pdf)Legislative Authorization 1005 Kb
Download this file (Letters of Support.pdf)Letters of Support 224 Kb
Download this file (Narrative.pdf)Cuyahoga Valley National Park Safety and Accessibility Improvement Project 1101 Kb
Download this file (PowerPointSchematic.pdf)Additional Schematics 1903 Kb
Download this file (SCE_EcologicalSurvey.pdf)SCE_EcologicalSurvey.pdfODOT SUM Boston Mills Road Phase 1 Ecological Survey, April 7, 201612401 Kb
Download this file (SitePlan.pdf)Site Plan 2564 Kb
Download this file (Statement of Findings for Executive Order 13690.pdf)Flood Study 410 Kb
Download this file (SustainabilityChecklist.pdf)Sustainability Checklist 126 Kb
Download this file (TrainStationRendering.pdf)Train Station Rendering 178 Kb
Download this file (US-Dept-Interrior-TIGER-Support-Letter.pdf)US-Dept-Interrior-TIGER-Support-Letter.pdfLetter of support from Cameron H. Sholly, Regional Director US Department of the Interior42 Kb
Download this file (VisitorUseSurvey.pdf)Visitor Use Survey 3134 Kb

2015 Annual Report


Click the link below to view the 2015 Annual Report. 

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (2015 Annual Report Updated.pub.pdf)2015 Annual Report 5674 Kb

Hudson High School wins 16th Annual MBBC


Akron, Ohio– Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S., Summit County Engineer, hosted the 16th Annual Miniature Bridge Building Competition on February 26, 2016 in the Student Union at the University of Akron. Thirty-nine teams from 21 area high schools built miniature bridges of their own designs, made out of balsa wood and according to strict guidelines. The sole team from Hudson High School came in first place by constructing a bridge that held 58.4 pounds.  Springfield High School Team 2 claimed the second spot and Springfield High School Team 1 came in 3rd place. Portage Lakes Career Center Team 1 won the Aesthetics Award and Cuyahoga Falls Team 1 was runner up with their model of the Hall of Fame Bridge. 

The competition is designed to encourage high school students to implement scientific and mathematical principles they have learned in the classroom.  Along with Engineer Alan Brubaker, sixteen engineering consulting firms co-sponsor the annual event and offer scholarship opportunities for competition participants who choose a career in civil engineering.  AECOM/URS, Inc, Arcadis, Burgess & Niple, CT Consultants, DLZ, E.L. Robinson, Environmental Design Group, Euthenics, Jones-Stuckey Ltd./Pennoni Associates, ljb, inc, Mannik Smith Group, Inc, Michael Baker Jr., Inc., ms consultants, Osborn Engineering, Richland Engineering, and Thrasher Engineering were the participating consulting firms this year. Representatives from all sixteen firms were on board with displays, handouts and words of encouragement to help bridge the gap from applied bridge design to a real life professional career in the field. College students majoring in civil engineering at The University of Akron and professional engineers from the Summit County Engineer’s Office were also busy circulating among the students to cheer them on while teams competed to build the winning bridge.

After about three hours of construction, the bridges were brought up on stage to be load tested until their ultimate demise. Bridge after bridge broke under the increased weight hanging from the center of the bridges. The winning team members from Hudson High School are Andrew McDonald, Michael Lang, and Brian Glen. They were rewarded with a trophy and cash prizes for their impressive efforts. Second place winners from Springfield High School are Andrew Wilmot, Jonathan Michaels, and Gerald Lanik.  Aesthetics Award winners from Portage Lakes Career Center are Nathan Walent, Chai Lin, and Alissa Sarver.


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