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Summit County Engineer opposes truck weight limit increase


Akron, Ohio– Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S., Summit County Engineer announced today that he opposes any additional attempts to increase truck weight limits from 80,000 pounds to 90,000 pounds. The language in a House Bill that allowed for bigger and heavier trucks on Ohio’s roads was removed in the State Senate, however legislators may attempt to re-insert the provision in conference committee. The Summit County Engineer does not support adding the language back into the bill.

All trips begin and end on local roads. Ohio’s counties, townships, and municipalities maintain 83% of road miles in Ohio and county engineer’s maintain 61% of all public bridges in Ohio. The original proposal allowed overweight trucks to drive on any road within two miles of the turnpike. Summit County has many township, village, city and county roads within that range. Larger trucks decrease safety on roads. The additional weight will damage roadways and bridges or will cause them to deteriorate at a quicker rate. Summit County roads were built for a twenty-year life cycle based upon current and projected car and truck traffic; increasing truck loads will reduce the life of the pavements dramatically. Repairs and reconstruction of roadways will be more expensive.

In addition, in the last three years, Summit County load rated all 315 County-owned bridges. All load ratings were calculated based on 80,000-pound trucks. If the new standard is put in place, all bridges will have to be load rated again, costing the federal government $45 million, not to mention the cost to the local governments who contribute 20% to the load rating project. As with roadways, additional weight on bridges will cause rapid deterioration.

Summit County Council will be discussing a Resolution to oppose the increase this coming Monday, March 18th. The Resolution is currently sponsored by County Executive Russ Pry and County Councilwoman Sandra Kurt. 

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