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Summit County Engineer and CEAO oppose truck size and weight limit increases


Akron, Ohio – Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S. is urging members of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to oppose increases in size and weight limits for trucks.  The Congressional committee is scheduled on Thursday, February 2, 2012 to vote on whether or not to allow bigger trucks, up to 97,000 pounds from the current limit of 80,000 pounds for single-trailer trucks and over 100,000 pounds for double- and triple-trailer trucks on American roads.

The County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO) has come out in opposition to this proposed size and weight change. Ohio has two members on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee: Representative Bob Gibbs and Representative Jean Schmidt.

Fred Pausch, Executive Director of the CEAO, said, “This is an all-out assault on the current weight and length limits that help protect the safety of all drivers, and our roads and bridges.  This proposed federal legislation poses many problems for Ohio’s counties.”

“All trips begin and end on Local Roads,” said Pausch. “Large trucks accelerate the deterioration of the nation’s highways, roads and bridges. They will put further pressure on funding sources to maintain and repair these roadways. As income from the gas tax continues to decline, counties are already having difficulty keeping up with the needed repair.”

Summit County Engineer Alan Brubaker, P.E., P.S., also chimed in, stating, “The current truck weight limit is 80,000 pounds.  The proposed legislation would increase truck weight by 25%.  This is not only about the added deterioration of state, county, city, and township roads; this is a safety issue for all motorists. As the mass of a vehicle increases, the energy the vehicle releases in a crash increases, causing more severe and deadly traffic accidents. I would not support a bill that makes our roads more dangerous and more costly to maintain.”


The CEAO's press release can be found here: http://www.ceao.org/CEAO%20Truck%20Limits%20press%20release%201-31-12%20(2).pdf

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